ESPN’s Haynes: If Celtics Call “LeBron Would Listen”

Multiple NBA Insiders joined the TK Show on CLNS Media to talk about the future of LeBron James as it pertains to the Celtics.


No one quite knew what to make of Stephen A. Smith’s comments earlier in the week that linked LeBron James to the Boston Celtics. But a couple days later another prominent NBA writer is fanning the flames.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes was a guest on the TK Show on CLNS Media and he too says, don’t sleep on the Celtics.

“Let’s not overlook the Boston Celtics,” Haynes told host Tim Kawakami. “If Boston reached out and said we’re serious, LeBron would listen.”

The Celtics of course would have some cap issues to resolve if they were to add LeBron but Haynes believes they could work those out. Another issue Hayes and others have pointed out is the presence of Kyrie Irving on the Celtics. Irving of course forced a trade from Cleveland that reportedly was entirely related to him not wanting to share space with LeBron.

“The problem is they have Kyrie Irving over there so they have some explaining to do,” chuckled Haynes. “That could be a miniature conundrum.”

Also on the TK Pod this week was ESPN’s Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski. Woj’ does not believe there is a clear front runner for James’ services this offseason. He did also say that the notion LeBron will try to stay in the East to have a clearer path to the NBA Finals might be slightly antiquated.

“One GM brought up to me, ‘There was a time where you stay in the east you had a much easier path to the finals. Will that necessarily be true with Boston and Philadelphia? There’s not a team like them [Celtics] in the west, a young team that looks like its going to be there for the next 9 or 10 years.’

One thins is clear, no one really knows where LeBron’s mind is at or where he’ll end up. However after this week you have to start thinking the Celtics name will keep popping up in these rumors for at least a little while longer.