Essential Things to Do Before Playing Bingo


Essential Things to Do Before Playing Bingo

Bingo game still needs some strategizing and planning before the game can begin even if it all depends on luck. It doesn’t matter if you are playing for fun or you are in it to win big; there are still some rules to follow if you want to pave your way to winning in the game. Below are a few tips you need to follow if you have decided to play bingo either online or offline. 

Arrive early 

Whether you are playing online or offline, it is essential to arrive at the bingo centre or be on your electronic device well on time. For a traditional game, there is also a seating pattern to think about. It is beneficial to choose a seat where you can perfectly hear the caller and avoid disturbances from latecomers. Also, if you have a chatty friend you may want to sit far from them. In addition, arriving early ensures that you have enough time to purchase cards and other supplies that you may need for the day. Supplies required could be water, masking tape, dabbers, etc. 

In both games, to increase a chance of winning, missing one number of the randomly called balls can make a difference between winning and losing. So the adage the earliest bird catches the fattest worm applies in this instance. 

Get the appropriate number of cards 

The number of cards purchased has to be manageable to avoid confusion in both games. The more cards you can buy increases your winning chances, however, it will depend on your ability to match numbers as they are called. It can be a loss of ticket money if you spend the entire time juggling many cards. So, know your strength when it comes to multi-tasking. 

The strategy that works well is to play more games and reduce the number of tickets you buy. This is important for people who are on a budget, and also the more you play the better chances of winning.

Use the Tippett theory when purchasing your cards 

Even though this theory hasn’t been proven, it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Tippett was a British statistician who developed this theory of randomness. It applies to the classic “wheel-of-balls” machine.  According to the theory, numbers called from the machine tend to gravitate towards the median number. For example, if the machine uses ball numbered 1-99, then the theory suggests choosing a card with numbers closer to 45 since it is the median for 1-99. This instance applies if the game is long. For a short game, however, the advice is to select a card with numbers closer to 1 and 99. 

Bingo game may depend on luck, but using various strategical methods may improve your chance of winning big. Time and experience in the game are not much of a factor since some amateurs have bagged big prizes in the past. Therefore, it is better to play and learn some rules on the game and have fun in the process. Who knows, you may be the winner.