Game Theory: Rookie of the Year debate; buyout season

Sam Vecenie and Zach Harper discuss multiple NBA topics in the latest Game Theory podcast.


On the latest episode of the Game Theory podcast, Sam Vecenie is joined alongside Zach Harper. The two would go on to debate a litany of topics ranging from the rookie of the year award. Which has been debated around many networks with Donovan Mitchell shocking many people with his early play in Utah and the triple-double magnet of Ben Simmons.

 Also, with the college basketball season almost coming to an end, it’s that time of year to look at evaluating which some of the top and under the radar prospects for the 2018 NBA Draft. The two also bring up LeBron James’ comments on Trae Young of Oklahoma and talk how he’ll be as an NBA player and much more.
In this episode, Sam chats with Zach Harper from Leverage the Chat and from Fan Rag Sports about a variety of topics. First, they hit on the Ben Simmons vs. Donovan Mitchell rookie of the year debate. Which one would they take and why does the other one suck?

Then, they chat about buyout candidates. They run through the list of names they’re interested in, and chat briefly about some of the teams who do or do not have open spots, including the Cavaliers, Celtics, Warriors, Rockets, and more.

Finally, they finish on the NBA Draft, where Zach has done some interesting work this year breaking down prospects. Why does he like Jaren Jackson, what do they think about Marvin Bagley, and why is Deandre Ayton awesome? Finally, they finish on Trae Young, and try to figure out if he’ll be a good professional.

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