Gareth Southgate wants Liverpool star Joe Gomez to clear his head


Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate took to the media claim that this is the right time for Liverpool star Joe Gomez to clear his head after receiving a knock while on international duty for his country for the Euro 2020 qualifier in Kosovo.

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The 22-year-old defender came on as a substitute for the Three Lions during their 7-0 victory against Montenegro at Wembley on Thursday but was booed by the fans following his dispute with Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling earlier in the week.

Sterling was reported to have left a mark on Gomez’s face during their quarrel at the St Goerge’s Park on Monday, after the duo had an out in Liverpool’s victory against the Cityzens the day before. The clash was highlighted as bet of the day where you can find more info on by clicking here.

The consequences of the quarrel saw the City winger missed the match against Montenegro as a form of punishment; Gomez was the one who was getting booed by the fans instead of the former. Southgate also came out to say that no player should be booed by their own supporters’ inspire of the incident.

What the fans didn’t expect to hear on Saturday morning was that the 22-year-old defender had withdrawn from the England squad ahead of a trip that was to be made to Pristina due to a slight knee injury.

However, Southgate dropped a statement to clear the air during the press conference, where he also claimed that being out of the limelight could, in some way, help the defender considering the week he has had.

Speaking about Gomez injury, Southgate said: “You couldn’t make it up really if you tried. I think now is a good moment for him just to go home for a couple of days, clear his head.

“He’s absolutely fine. He took a clash of knees yesterday. We scanned it just to be certain and I think he’ll be fine in a couple of days, but he wasn’t able to train today.

“He was in a much better place very quickly. We actually ended up having a chuckle this morning at the ridiculousness of him having to go home in the way he has

“So, I think for him it’s been a difficult week, as you say, but one that will make him stronger and one that he’s dealt with really well.”