Ghost Adventures – BRO!


Since the Celtics won’t be playing Saturday night, I want you to tune to the Travel Channel and watch Ghost Adventures. I fully expect to see a slew of thank yous in the comments on this post on Sunday morning.

I am about to give you a gift that will ceaselessly keep on giving.

Here’s a preemptive “You’re welcome!”

Why Watch?

I don’t care if you believe in ghosts or not, this show is pure entertainment. There’s nothing like watching a bunch of grown men screaming and freaking out while punctuating each and every sentence with “BRO!” I don’t even know how I got started watching this show. I’m not going to question it. Saturday night isn’t Saturday night without it. And yeah, I’m old. So what?

The sad part is the only things I watch on television are sports, Westworld, and Ghost Adventures. And the news sometimes in the morning. That’s it folks. Somehow Ghost Adventures has made itself onto my “Can’t Miss” list. Terrifying.

Our Heroes

Zak Bagans is the host of the show. This guy is pretty amazing. He wears smediums and thick rimmed glasses. I guess he thinks it makes him look smart and sophisticated? Anyway, Zak can communicate with ghosts and spirits, and people from all over the world contact him to check out their haunted homes, hotels, and businesses. Here’s photographic evidence that he exists: 

By the way, it was nearly impossible for me to find a photo of him where he wasn’t doing duckface.

One would think that as the host and founder, he would be the main focus of the show, yes? Well one (you) would be incorrect. Zak frequently sends his buddy Aaron to scope out some of the more dangerous locations while he sits in the van with the rest of the crew. While everyone watches on from safety, Aaron is usually crawling through some kind of garbage, going into super-haunted areas where no one would dare go, or walking alone in the woods. Aaron also makes the following face no less than 73 times an episode:

The last of the main featured Ghost Adventures guys who is featured pretty frequently is Billy. This dude becomes possessed multiple times per episode, is often nauseous, and can be manipulated by just about any kind of spirit you can imagine. He’s a newer addition to the group, but he does not disappoint in terms of drama and overacting. By the way, he also goes by “DJ Inferno.” Because when I think of DJ Inferno, this is what I imagine:

Fun Times

One of my favorite episodes was when Zak claimed he had been assaulted by a ghost, who had thrown a rock at him. In order to demonstrate what the ghost had done, he picked up a rock and threw it at his friend, which was perfect. Dude straight up tried to stone his friend. Another fun one was when they visited the Viper Room in L.A., which ended up being pretty cool. They also showed an exorcism…which may have been real. If not, the guy who was possessed is an amazing actor.

Are they really finding anything? I don’t think they are, but it’s fun to watch.

The thing that sucks is that Zak had actually produced a pretty intense documentary which started the entire Ghost Adventures series. The Travel Channel watered it down and pretty much forced them to overact in every episode. Also, Zak and his former partner, Nick Groff, have a huge beef with each other. Nick now has a show called Paranormal Lockdown, which is basically Ghost Adventures without Aaron.

Cable TV is pretty much crap anyway, so why not take a chance on a show that’s entertaining and funny? Unless you’re too much of a wimp, in which case, maybe you should stick to watching Dancing with the Stars (Kareem was just awful).