Gideon Oji Wins Bologna Round, Chestnut Places Second in #BetOnlineEats

Major League Eating BetOnline Quarantine Challenge seeding has been sorted out. Elimination bracket begins Sunday


Friday night marked the start of the first competitive professional sporting event since the Coronavirus quarantine.  In an opening qualifying round to determine the BetOnline Major League Eating Quarantine Challenge bracket, Gideon Oji pulled off a riveting upset by placing first in the speed round.


World number one competitive eater Joey Chestnut placed second.

Friday’s round featured eight of the top eaters in the world in a speed round to seed everyone in the upcoming elimination tournament which begins Sunday night at  7 PM ET on

All competitors were given two pounds of bologna to consume.  Oji finished first at 52 seconds, followed by Chestnut at 0:55.  All other competitors needed more than one minute.

The bracket is now as follows:

Sunday’s quarterfinals round will be milk and cookies — one family pack of Oreos and a half gallon of milk.  Betting odds on each matchup are available at

Chestnut enters the tournament as an overwhelming favorite at -450 and be crowned the BetOnline Major League Eating Quarantine Challenge Winner.

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