Good N’ Plenty: Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster react to Zion Williamson’s injury and Duke – UNC

Goodman and Dauster talk about last night's Duke - UNC matchup, including Zion Williamson's knee injury and where Duke goes from here.


Rob Dauster of NBC Sports joins Jeff Goodman of Stadium to discuss UNC’s victory over Duke on Wednesday night at Cameron Indoor, headlined by the early injury of Zion Williamson.

Goodman talks about his experience at the game, including the pregame chaos headlined by the appearance of Barack Obama.

Where does Duke go from here without Zion? Have we seen his last game in a Duke uniform? What does this injury mean for the national title race? All of these questions and more are answered on today’s episode of Good N’ Plenty with Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster.

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