Goodman: Andrew Wiggins is Main Source of Jimmy Butler’s Discontent

Jimmy Butler's beef in Minnesota revolves around Wigging contract and lack of work ethic.


All is clearly not well with the Minnesota Timberwolves these days.

The Jimmy Butler saga reached a crescendo earlier this month when he arrived at practice and caused a scene, calling out numerous players, coaches, and team executives.

Jeff Goodman, host of the Good N’ Plenty Podcast on CLNS Media says despite the outburst many in Minnesota are siding with Jimmy.

“I actually talked with somebody close to him the other day and they said that the latest practice was a little bit better,” Goodman noted. “They said that most of the veterans are siding with Jimmy Butler in this whole ordeal. [And] that’s because they realize that he’s brought them victories. They realize how good they were earlier last year before he went down with an injury. They were like fourth in the Western Conference.”

So why so angry Jimmy?

“The problem with Jimmy Butler here is that he’s seeing Andrew Wiggins get paid, and really doing nothing, and he’s getting pissed off about it,” said Goodman.

Butler, an established star has reportedly been down on some of the younger Timberwolves players – namely Wiggins – for what he perceives to be lack of work ethic. This offseason the team signed Wiggins to a massive 4-year $147 million-dollar deal.

“Jimmy knows he has to get paid now. He’s 29 years old, And I think that’s what’s been lost in all this. Because right now he’s looking at these other guys and saying ‘Why the hell are they getting paid? I’m the one who made this team better.’ I think it’s more Wiggins than Towns from what I’ve been told. [Also] I think Towns and Jimmy actually get along, and there’s a level of respect there. But again, I think Andrew Wiggins has always been a dilemma [in that sense].”

Butler played and started alongside Wiggins in the Timberwolves first game of the season (a loss to San Antonio.) Butler dropped 23 points and Wiggins 20 in the loss.