Gordon Hayward Update

Get the latest update on Gordon Hayward's rehab here


And just like that, it’s no normal Friday. We have a Gordon Hayward update from Players’ Tribune. Or at least a preview to one. Check out this 30-second clip from an upcoming Hayward video. Is the return actually coming this year? The goosebumps are rising…

Chills. Gordon Hayward looks good. He is moving and dribbling better than before, and it looks like we are about to get a very important update in his recovery. It has been almost five months since Hayward was injured. We do not know if he is really coming back this year, but he’s coming back. Whether it’s in April or October, the Celtics just need this dude back on the team.

Watch for a later update when this video actually drops. The most encouraging thing would be to see Hayward running in the next update. That’s really the next big step in his recovery. If he runs before March is over, anything is possible.

As Celtics fans, we just have to sit and wait.