Helpful Tips to Hosting a Great Golf Tournament


Golf tournaments are a great way to get old and new friends together, enjoy some drinks, raise some money or just hit the links and have a friendly competition. Organizing or hosting a golf tournament is not always the most fun, and can be quite an undertaking.

Thankfully, these helpful tips will allow you to host a great golf tournament and allow you to enjoy it with your guests. The main purpose of golfing with friends, family or coworkers is to have fun, and your tournament should feel the same way.

Check out these helpful ways to host the perfect golf tournament:


  1. Organize Early 


Make sure you organize as early as you can. Golf tournaments can include many people, especially if yours is a fundraiser or company tournament.

Think about creating some kind of channel or group communication method so that everyone involved is in the loop for the plans. Organizing early allows you to accommodate any late additions to your tournament as well.


  1. Decide On a Tournament Format


Golf tournaments are fun, and the format you choose can help make your tournament more enjoyable for all of those involved.

Match play usually involves round to round scores added up so it’s not always the best unless you make tournament pairs. Stroke play works well because it is the cumulative score at the end of the 18 holes. Best ball format works really well because you can form small teams of 2, 3 or 4 players and score like you would for stroke or match play and gives everyone a friend to play with.


  1. Prizes or Gifts


If your tournament is for a fundraiser or company, getting gifts or prizes for tournament competitors is a fun addition to give incentive to play. Even if your tournament is designed for friends or family, small gifts are still good. Consider the options at, and make sure you set a spending limit. You need to plan other parts of the tournament so do not go overboard on prizes!

Other gift ideas can be more golf related, considering that your event is a golf tournament. One really good idea for golfing tournament prizes are golf bags, because they are directly related to your tournament and provide some incentive to come back for another tournament. There are all kinds of golfing gifts or prizes, so pick within your budget and keep it simple.




Some might think that hosting a golf tournament sounds like a big task when it is fairly straight-forward. There are some things you need to consider when doing so, but these helpful tips and tricks are a good start.

You should organize early to figure out how many people are attending as well as keeping an open like of communication. Picking from your options of tournament format, like best ball or stroke play. Lastly, giving incentive to play by offering prizes or gifts for the players so that they have a good reason to want to participate.