How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business


Marketing is all about getting your voice heard. Goods and services are promoted daily through a host of different channels, ranging from billboards to Facebook and Amazon Ads. With the relentless advance of new technology comes new opportunities. Companies have to stay current in their marketing strategies to survive. 


One marketing method that is on the rise has to do with SMS or Text Marketing. It’s based on the fact that in the UK for instance, 93% of all people have a phone. Each person sends around 117 texts each calendar month. Of all the phone users in the USA, over 80% are active texters. When looking for a potential customer audience, nearly 9 billion phone connections globally is a massive market.

It’s Great When It’s Used Well

It’s worth studying the subject well before beginning to text customers. The experts say in this excellent guide that there are several tips and tricks to make this avenue most productive. There are also legal and compliance issues that have to be adhered to. The professionals advise on sending no more than three or four texts a month, or the recipient will feel overwhelmed and consider blocking the number. 

People Want It

Customers expect more and more from their providers. They like to be able to access products and services 24/7. They want to be able to use their phones for this, rather than being dependent on using a computer. Customers like the idea that they can swiftly text a reply rather than going into their emails and responding. They text everyone else, so why can’t they text their businesses? Further proof that people like SMS contact is found in business documentation these days. In addition to questions like ‘can, we email or phone you?’ are requests for customers to opt-in for SMS marketing and assistance. It’s seriously worth companies doing this. 

It’s Inexpensive

Many people have phone contracts that include unlimited texts. That’s great news for companies conducting mass SMS campaigns. Social media posts and email attachments usually have to be created by marketing teams, and this costs time and money. By way of contrast, texts don’t have to be dressed up with pictures. They can simply be a text message of up to 160 characters. It’s not hard to send bulk texts within a short amount of time. It’s easy to monitor the process too. 

People Are Ready!

Customers don’t spend all their time sitting on a computer. The vast majority do walk around with their phones, however. People check them for texts with amazing regularity, and many experience panic when leaving their phones at home. That means people read their SMS messages sooner rather than later. They are more likely to read their texts before going into Facebook or Instagram. People are used to receiving texts from friends, and responding to them. Business texts are currently viewed in the same way by the public. That’s unlike seeing junk mail and deleting it unread. There is real scope for SMS messages to be personally composed rather than looking like a mass mailing. That’s what the public will be expecting to see. 

People Respond

It’s possible to look at Facebook or Amazon advertising statistics and be disappointed at the click-through rate. With phones, however, it’s a different story. Almost everybody reads business texts in full. That makes SMS campaigns eight times more productive than email marketing campaigns. Customers respond to these texts because it’s easy to do, no matter where they are. If they have been sent a set of numbers as a discount coupon, that’s all they’ll need online to access the promotion. 

It’s a Window of Opportunity

Social media specialists say that Tiktok is growing so fast, companies will soon have a major presence there. Similarly, there is a window open right now for businesses to utilize SMS marketing. It’s not a saturated avenue at this stage. In time, every business may be texting people, in which case customers will be less likely to read the messages. At the moment, however, that’s not the case so companies can get their voices heard on this wavelength. This open window is no respecter of persons either – it can be used by both small and big businesses alike. 


SMS marketing is a valuable tool for any growing business, and it will function best when it is part of a company’s overall marketing armory. Literature should offer the SMS opt-in option. Emails and social media campaigns can continue as before. When all the different platforms and media are utilized well, they will add up to a powerful advertising presence.