CLNS EXCLUSIVE: Jayson Tatum “I’d Trade Me for Anthony Davis Too”

Celtics fans may not want to part with him, but Jayson Tatum AND his Dad know that there is no price to high for Anthony Davis.


It’s no secret, Celtics fans love Jayson Tatum and they don’t want to discuss trading him.


Not even if it would net the Celtics Pelicans all world big man Anthony Davis in return.

You know who would trade Tatum for Anthony Davis?

Jayson Tatum that’s who.

Also Tatum’s dad.

So says Celts legend and color analyst Cedric Maxwell, who was a guest of Adam Kaufman this week on the Celtics Beat podcast on the CLNS Media Network.

After saying he would include Tatum in a deal for Davis “all day” during a television appearance, Maxwell was confronted by Tatum’s dad who wasn’t very happy about it.

“Tatum’s dad came to me a couple days later and said, ‘man, I got a bone to pick with you,’ Maxwell said. ‘You said you’d trade my son for Anthony Davis’ and I was like, and? And he was like ‘well, I’d probably trade him too if he wasn’t my son.”

A couple days later Maxwell says he ran into Tatum and told him the same thing.

“I talked to Tatum and told him the story a out his dad and he said ‘Yeah, I’d trade me too for Anthony Davis if I could”

With the Pelicans slipping in the standings and David under team control for only one season after this one it seems trading Davis is no longer a matter of it, but rather when and to whom? Maxwell believes Davis will inform the team that he wants out and force a trade. And if it’s going to be the Celtics, it’s going to take a lot.

“I think everybody knows how great Anthony Davis is,” Maxwell told Kaufman. “But the cost it would take you to get him would probably be those guys like [Jayson] Tatum, [Jaylen] Brown & Rozier, the future of your basketball club.”

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