Jayson Tatum: Self-Proclaimed Mama’s Boy

Jayson Tatum talks about all of the things his mom still does for him at the age of 21 with Jeff Goodman on the Good N' Plenty Podcast.


Gametime is Jayson Tatum’s time to shine, but halftime is his time to text his mom.

“She texts me before the game and at half time, and I always say the same thing: Yes ma’am,” said Jayson Tatum on the Good N’ Plenty Podcast on CLNS Media.

Good luck texts aren’t the only thing Tatum’s mom does for him.

“Not that I can’t cook or do my own laundry or other things, but, ya know, we do live in the same building so when I’m going on trips, she’ll come in and clean the house and do my laundry so when I come back from a road trip that I got clean clothes and my room is made up.”

He at least has some quality alone time at his place whenever he eats, right?

“I never eat at my apartment, ever. I eat at her place every day. For breakfast, lunch or dinner or we go out.”

Ok, I mean, he at least could eat alone at his apartment if he wanted to, right?

“All I have at my house is two refrigerators full of Gatorade. All I really do is sleep at my apartment.”

Credit where credit is due, however, at least he handles the dirty when it comes to taking care of his son. Jeff Goodman asked Tatum’s mom how many diapers Tatum has changed and she said, “Countless.”

“Oh, I can change a diaper. I can change a diaper blindfolded with one hand.”

That’s impressive. Maybe, over the course of the next year, he’ll learn how to whistle.

“I tell people I can do anything in the world but whistle,” said Tatum. “It’s equivalent to saying, ‘Jeff, I give you a basketball, go dunk it.'”

We’ll see which one happens first.