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This is a video and/or audio editing & production position at the CLNS Media Network. It is full-time, part-time and/or freelance


North Station Media and CLNS Media Network is looking for full time, part time and freelancers that are creative, self starters and want to be video producers and/or audio engineers and editors for a growing podcast/vidcast network.

Your creativity and prowess will be the backbone of the video and audio content produced by our company. You will be managing all aspects of podcast and/or vidcast production from recording to mixing and editing and publication. This role will serve as the producer for all elements of pre-production, production, and distribution of CLNS Media Podcasts and/or Vidcasts – this includes managing and producing content for publication on all platforms as well as all audio and/or video production. 

Job Description:

Responsible for audio and/or video production: organizing, assembling, mixing, editing and publication of podcast episodes.

Incorporate feedback from the creative team.

Help manage technical aspects of recording podcasts/vidcasts.

Responsible for the podcasts from recording through uploading. 

Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with the CLNS management team.

Candidates must possess the following:

1-2 years of audio production experience working in radio, podcasting or audio editing.

1-2 years of video production experience.

Strong audio editing skills and experience with Adobe editing suite..

Strong video editing skills and experience with Adobe editing suite.

Knowledge of best practices for multi-track audio editing.

Abilities to produce short and long form content.

Ability to work efficiently under pressure.

Ability to maintain high attention to detail in a fast paced environment.

How to Apply:

Please submit resume and work samples to jobs@clnsmedia.com 

Who We Are

The CLNS Media Network is the leading online provider of audio and video content in the digital realm. CLNS is a premiere destination for broadcast journalism as well as personal and collective digital branding and marketing. Our mission is to enhance and empower the individual while providing information and ideas that enrich and enlighten society.

The network features a continuous broadcast schedule with numerous personalities and celebrities from across the worlds of current events, finance, entertainment, technology, education and sports. CLNS works alongside content producers to deliver audiences the highest quality presentations which immeasurably enhances the retainability of its information, analysis and messages. Thus, making it most advantageous to both its consumers as well as current and prospective advertisers.