Joe Biden Nomination Take Dip Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

Betting odds for Joe Biden sink from -1500 to -1000 as the Democratic nominee for President according to


The odds of Joe Biden being the Democratic Presidential nominee continue to fall according to  While Biden has very safe and comfortable odds that he will be nominated (-1000), that’s a significant drop from earlier last week when he was -1500 — the same as Donald Trump’s odds of being the Republican nominee.

A former Congressional staffer, Tara Reade, accused Biden of rape on a podcast over a month ago.  This was then followed up with tape surfacing of Reade’s mother calling Larry King’s CNN show back in 1993 asking for anonymous advice on how to deal with the situation — which laid further credibility to the allegation.

Despite all this, Democrats have tripled down on the former VP with Hillary Clinton endorsing Biden this week, and numerous other standouts like Stacey Abrams and Nancy Pelosi stating that Biden’s recent defensive remarks proved to be satisfactory.  Abrams went as far to say that: “I believe Joe Biden.”

Abrams, after all, is in the running for Biden’s pick as his running mate.

Critics on the right and even center, aren’t buying it, and are downright enraged — pointing to flagrant partisan hypocrisy when comparing to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accusing Brett Kavanaugh at the absolute peak of the #MeToo movement.

Right-wingers are also crying foul as well as Biden’s camp has also been accused of relaying talking points to the New York Times regarding the allegation.

Where does that leave everything?

Well for one, Biden may now have competition for the nomination after all.  While -1000 is generally perceived as an uber-safe bet, it does leave possibilities open.  Names that have been mentioned are: Governor Andrew Cuomo (+3300 to win the general election), Hillary Clinton (+4000), Elizabeth Warren (+6600), Michelle Obama (+6600) and Mark Cuban (+10000.)

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