Josh Rosen to Patriots Talk Starting to Heat Up

The Patriots are said to be one of 3 teams interested in trading for Cardinals QB Josh Rosen.


And we’re off.

It’s long been rumored that the Arizona Cardinals plan to draft Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray with the number one overall pick. That means last year’s first rounder Josh Rosen is now available. And the Patriots are reportedly one of 3 teams very interested in Rosen’s services according to Joel Klatt of Fox Sports.

“There are three teams that I have heard and I know are very interested in Josh Rosen: New England, the New York Giants, and the LA Chargers,” Klatt said on  Wednesday. “One of those have already offered a second-round pick. Arizona is waiting for a first — I don’t think they’ll get it.”

The Patriots of course have six picks in the first 3 rounds so more than enough ammo if they want to get a deal done.


 New England also was reportedly very enamored with Rosen coming out of college last season but he was long gone (10th overall) before they made their first selection.

Rosen is under contract through the 2021 season. He could be the heir to Tom Brady when/if he retires. However if Brady keeps playing close to this level the Patriots could find themselves in a Jimmy Garoppolo situation 2.0 with a quarterback ready for his shot playing behind the ageless GOAT who show no sign of slippage.


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