Kevin Durant Injury Increases Likelihood He Remains in Golden State

The odds have changed in regards to where Kevin Durant will play next season according to the online betting site


Kevin Durant’s devastating achilles injury has dramatically altered the entire free agent landscape this offseason.

While it was believed Durant was likely to leave Golden State (likely for New York to play for the Knicks or Nets) those odds have changed according to the online betting site

The Warriors and Knicks are now considered co-favorites to land Durant next season.

Golden State was 2/1 to keep Durant before the injury, now 3/2. The Knicks were 6/5 before the injury.

The Clippers, Lakers and Nets also in the mix.

Kevin Durant Free Agent Odds
Golden State Warriors 3/2   (2/1 Before Injury)
New York Knicks 3/2   (6/5 Before Injury)
LA Clippers 3/1   (17/10 Before Injury)
LA Lakers 10/1   (6/1 Before Injury)
Brooklyn Nets 10/1   (6/1 Before Injury)
Oklahoma City Thunder 100/1   (40/1 Before Injury)

Durant had an option to leave the Warriors this year but now given the nature of his injury and the length of the rehab he could choose to opt in to the final year of his deal with Golden State then enter free agency in 2020.

It’s possible a team like the Knicks or Nets could still sign KD to a long term Max deal and just wait him out. However that comes with a lot of risk. In addition, would one of those teams be able to convince a second super star like Kyrie Irving to join them knowing that they’d be throwing away all of next season waiting for Durant to return?