Kyrie Irving Reverses Course on Prior Commitment to Remain with Boston Celtics

What does the future now hold for Kyrie Irving? Apparently nobody knows.





Celtics fans today might find themselves feeling….what’s the word.


You can try and put a positive spin on it, or convince yourself that everything will be alright.

But make no mistake, what happened this morning in New York was nothing short of a complete reversal by Kyrie Irving on his intentions to re-sign with the Celtics.

In October it was a certainty when Kyrie announced to season ticket holders and the rest of the world, that he planned to re-sign with the Celtics.

Friday morning when asked by reporters at Celtics shoot around if that was still his plan.

“Ask me July 1,” he said.

Wait, what?!?!

“Well, at the end of the day, I’m going to do what I feel is best for my career,” Kyrie continued. “And that’s just where it stands.

A far cry from Irving’s stance to start the year. More from Kyrie…

“My focus this season is winning a championship with the Boston Celtics. Obviously, we had goals coming into this season, and the primary goal is to win a championship. So that’s where my focus is.

“Obviously, things this season haven’t gone as I planned,” he said. “And that’s part of being on a team where you’re still trying to figure things out. So I’m always going to be mature about that, professional, come to do my job every single day, and really just see what happens.

“I still have confidence in Boston and what they can promise for the future and what we have in terms of our pieces,” Irving said. “That’s what excited me a lot about the beginning of the season was the opportunity to come into this season really just doing what we planned on doing, set a goal and go after it, and then see what happens at the end of the season. That was the plan before and that’s still the plan now. Obviously, Boston is still at the head of that race. That’s just where it stands.”

So there you have it. The Celtics went from the ONLY team, to the top team when Kyrie heads to free agency in July.

Buckle up.

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