Lothian: Roseanne Case Shows Just How Powerful Twitter Is In Today’s Society

Dan Lothian weighs in on the Roseanne Barr controversy and how social media can destroy a career pretty quickly.


By now, everyone has either seen or heard about what Roseanne Barr wrote on Twitter concerning Valerie Jarrett, a Senior Adviser to former President Barack Obama. The ensuing firestorm after her racist remarks included the cancellation of her rebooted television show, her getting let go by the agency that represents her and ridicule from all but a small portion of Americans.

But, as former CNN White House correspondent under the Obama Administration Dan Lothian points out on the latest episode of Behind The Media, we probably could have all seen this one coming.

“Here’s someone, Roseanne Barr, who has been, let’s just say, very vocal about her political leanings to the extreme online in social media before they decided to bring the show back,” Lothian said. “So that’s the established fact. We kind of knew that she was out there saying a lot of racy, edgy things…so everyone was quite aware that there was a problem here.”

And yet still, Barr was awarded with a big reboot of her once-popular sitcom and drew millions of viewers over the first few episodes. She even drew praise from President Donald Trump, who called her personally after the premiere episode drew record ratings in March.

Then, just a few weeks after the show was renewed for another season, Barr went on a Twitter tirade that included the tweet about Jarrett, which compared the former Obama adviser to an ape.

“If I had been ‘Mr. ABC Person,’ I would have offered her a millions-of-dollars incentive to stay off of social media, knowing you had a ticking time bomb,” Lothian said of Barr. “I would have given her a reason not to tweet.”

 “Is there no understanding of how a tweet can unravel not only your life, but your career?” Lothian added.

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