Mike Reiss: Edelman Could Win PED Appeal Because Substance Is Unrecognizable

ESPN's Mike Reiss was a guest on the 'Get the Ledd Out' podcast and says that NFL's case against Edelman isn't cut and dried.


The New England Patriots are facing the likelihood of opening the season without their best receiver, Julian Edelman who is facing a 4 game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy. Edelman is appealing but generally speaking these appeals are hard to win.

ESPN’s Mike Reiss believes however that Edelman may have a shot in light of a new report from MMQB’s Albert Breer that the league hasn’t figured out what the substance is that caused the positive test.

“Maybe that does increase his chances on appeal because if it is undetected maybe its a faulty test,” Reiss told Colin Leddy on the ‘Get the Ledd Out‘ podcast on CLNS Media.

Reiss admits he doesn’t know all the ins and outs of the process but says the fact that there is any uncertainty on the league’s part bodes well for Edelman.

“If it was something more specific you’d say this is definitely on the banned substance list and it would be a little more cut and dried,” Reis said. “The idea that it’s undetected creates perhaps a little bit of a greater possibility that he could have a successful appeal.”

While the ambiguity surrounding the positive test gives Edelman hope for some it raised doubts as to where he got whatever it is he tested positive for. And naturally some people looked to Tom Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero who specializes in alternative medical treatments.

“I didn’t see that connection as clearly and directly as others did. The whole idea that it gives Belichick ammunition (in his feud with Guerrero) I just don’t view it that way.”

Last season Belichick curbed Guerrero’s access to players (not named Tom Brady) at Gillette Stadium and banned Guerrero from the team plane and the sidelines on game-day. And while the relationship has gotten frosty Reiss thinks it’s preposterous that the Patriots would allow any of their players to continue working with the controversial trainer if they had an inkling he as in any way dirty.

“School of common sense here, the team is encouraging players to see Alex Guerrero on their own time if they want to,” Reiss said. “Do you think they would do that if they thought he was giving them things that was giving them a positive test? No.”





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