Mookie Betts Rumors Reportedly Loom Over Start of MLB General Manager Meetings

The MLB General Manager meetings kick off today and we already have reports beginning to swirl regarding Mookie Betts.


New Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, already has enough on his plate. The biggest story of the offseason in Boston, Mookie Betts, is probably weighing heavily on the shoulders of the young baseball executive as he enters a position where there’s a heavy load of cleanup to take care of. And as Major League Baseball’s General Manager meetings get underway today, we already have reports seeping through the walls regarding the superstar right fielder, Mookie Betts.

As Jon Morosi reports, multiple baseball executives believe that at least one of baseball’s top stars will be dealt ahead of the 2020 season. The name’s listed are the Cub’s third baseman Kris Bryant, Indian’s shortstop Francisco Lindor and of course, the Red Sox’ right fielder, Mookie Betts.

If we’re being honest, there isn’t too much here aside from adding fuel to the Betts fire that ramped up over the previous season. All this report does is confirm that teams are keeping a close eye on the situation surrounding Betts in understanding the position the Red Sox are in. And the conversation has only heightened following J.D. Martinez’s decision to opt-in to his deal, only making things that much more difficult for Bloom and Boston’s front office to slide below that initial luxury tax threshold of $208 million.

There could be more appeal around the other two names listed in Lindor and Bryant due to the current nature of their deals. Each has another year of arbitration eligibility meaning that they will most likely remain on whichever club does potentially deal for them through the 2021 season.

Betts, however, has one more year of eligibility and will hit the open market–which he has been more than clear that he wants to test– following the 2020 campaign.

There’s not much more to say when speaking on the Betts situation in Boston. Would the team like to hold onto one of the best players of the decade? There’s no question about it. But the fact of the matter is, with the way their financial situation now sits after Dave Dombrowski entered the picture, holding onto Betts seems to be a scenario that is unlikely.

The contract that will eventually be signed by the 2018 American League MVP will be one of the largest that the league has ever seen. Boston has been known, especially as of late, to be some of the biggest spenders in baseball. But their motive is abundantly clear. And frankly, Betts doesn’t fit the mold of their desired future.