Most Important Skills to Develop for Cisco 200-301 Assessment. Use Dumps to Gain CCNA Certification


Cisco 200-301 is a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge related to network technology and automation and earns you the CCNA certification. While the concepts outlined in it might be simple for someone who has working experience in this field, you will be surprised to discover that not everyone manages to pass 200-301 test. Why? The only explanation is that the candidates who failed didn’t understand what skills they needed to develop and didn’t use the right training materials. Are you ready to find out how exactly you can pass 200-301 exam without emotions? Then the below paragraphs are for you! 

Complete List of Skills Measured in Cisco 200-301 Exam

Cisco has a very easy-to-follow website. If you search for the CCNA certification, you will find relevant information on what concepts are covered by 200-301 exam and how to train to gain a high passing score. 

Now that we are talking about tested skills, you should know that 200-301 assessment includes six modules. Each of them has different proportions in the total exam. Let’s take them one by one!


  • 20% of the test questions are usually related to network fundamentals. You will need to know how network components work and compare different physical and cabling interfaces. 
  • The second topic is dedicated to network access. To complete its tasks, you will need to learn how to configure and verify different VLANs and compare wireless architectures. This section has the same proportion in the total exam as the first module. 
  • IP connectivity has the biggest weight of 25% in 200-301 exam. You will need to demonstrate that you understand how to configure different routing tables and IPv6 and IPv4 infrastructures.
  • Regarding the IP services domain, it has the lowest percentage of just 10%. You will receive questions on how to verify and configure DHCP, NTP, and DNS within the network. 
  • Automation and programmability have the same weight as IP services. This topic tests your knowledge on explaining what’s the role of automation in overall network management. 
  • The remaining 15% are allotted to security fundamentals. You will be asked to define and describe security concepts and policies.


Main Preparation Steps

While taking only one exam might seem good news, you shouldn’t take it as a joke. 200-301 assessment is quite difficult, and it requires in-depth knowledge of network technologies. However, even though some concepts are tough, you can succeed in your test through intensive training. 

First, take a look at the vendor’s official website. There, you’ll find several training options that range from in-classroom courses to virtual sessions and sets of materials for self-study. Then, make a trial attempt or even several of them through practice tests. Answering the questions taken from previous 200-301 exams, you’ll find out how the exam is built, what are your lack areas, and how to manage your time effectively. 


The Cisco 200-301 exam is necessary to get the CCNA certification, so if you want to get accredited, don’t hesitate to allot some time to understand the test’s structure and the skills you need to develop. Such knowledge will boost your chances to pass this assessment on the first try. 

Also, training has a critical influence on your success. Before sitting for the real test, explore the vendor’s website, and combine its preparation materials with comprehensive practice tests. Complete these steps, and you’ll thank yourself in the future!