NBA Rumors: Celtics Talking With Terry Rozier About Returning

The Celtics have reportedly engaged Rozier in contract talks.


Terry Rozier may not be done in Boston after all.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders the Celtics have had discussions with Rozier about possibly signing a new deal.

Rozier is a restricted free agent this offseason.

The Celtics are also reportedly in the mix for Houston big man Clint Capella.

Rozier made comments earlier this offseason indicating that he was done with Boston. The inference being that he was done in Boston as long as Kyrie Irving returned.

With that appearing less and less likely by the day the odds that Rozier returns have improved.

Earlier this week President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge reiterated how much he values Rozier as a player and person.

“You guys know I’m a big fan of Terry’s,” Ainge said on Wednesday. “I don’t always agree with how everybody handles the media, just like they probably don’t agree with how I handle the media and things that I say. We don’t always think alike, that’s what makes the game fun. But I’m a big fan of Terry’s, I think that if Terry was in the right circumstance and the right role, I think he would love playing in Boston, is my opinion. And if not, then I think Terry would let me know that. But Terry and I have a very good relationship, as Terry does with Brad as well.”