NBA Silly Season is Already Upon Us

The NBA offseason promises to be a wild one. And rumors are already flying, sort of.


Buckle up everybody. The NBA offseason crazy train has already left the station.

It’s only been a few days since the Celtics got bounced from the playoffs and already we’ve got rumors aplenty flying around. And by rumors I mean innocuous suggestions taken out of context by angry Celtics Twitter and turned into ‘real’ news stories people have to shoot down.

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Jaylen/Rozier plus picks for Mo Bamba

Ok so this isn’t even kind of a rumor. It’s not even “people are saying.” Sean Deveney from Sporting News said the following.

That’s it folks. That’s where the reporting ends. The Celtics talked to Texas shot blocking freakazoid Mo Bamba at the pre-draft combine. STOP THE PRESSES!

From there Deveney theorized that in order for the Celtics to move up into the draft lottery high enough to select a player like Bamba they would have to part with Terry Rozier or Jaylen Brown plus a draft pick. Not that they will or even could. Maybe fans view this as too steep a price but Deveney is correct in assuming this would be the cost of moving into the top 5.


The Celtics may be better off without Kyrie Irving.

Literally no one said this.

But holy wow did the ‘Green-teamers’ lose their minds over it.


Even Celtics President Danny Ainge addressed it at the team’s season ending media availability.

I’m pretty certain ground zero for this ‘rumor’ came from FS1’s Chris Broussard who suggested Irving maybe, possibly, could be less than ecstatic that the team was doing so well without him. Which by the way would be a perfectly normal emotion for anyone to feel.

“If I’m Kyrie Irving and I’m sitting there watching this go on, obviously you’re going to say you’re happy for your teammates and I’m sure on a certain level you are happy that the team is winning. But I’m just wondering, how are you feeling? You want to be needed. If you’re a star especially, you want to be apart of why you’re winning. And for this young team to be winning the way they are without Kyrie, I’m just wondering how you feeling?”

What Celtics Twitter got from this:

The Celtics are clearly better without Kyrie Irving and should look to trade him this offseason for anything they can get. The Kyrie experiment can now officially be declared a colossal bust.

Sheesh. Lighten up Francis.

Danny is Janos. Janos is Danny.

Alright this one’s not really a rumor but it’s fun as hell. The legendary parody account @isjanosNBA is actually just the burner account of the Celtics President of Basketball Operations?

It spawned from the Bryan Colangelo twitter debacle on Tuesday night which sent the twitterverse into hyperdrive. All sorts of conspiracy theories about who was behind Colangelo’s burner accounts started to surface. Was it Sam Hinkie out for revenge? Or a rival GM looking to destroy the 76ers chances of landing LeBron James this offseason? Was it Danny? Is Danny Janos?

Even Ainge got in on the act.

We’re just 4 days into the Celtics offseason. We’ve got a long way to go. Take deep breaths. Dial back the instant outrage. Actually read the stories, they’re not as bad as you think. And stay sharp. There’s going to be a lot of s–t flying around. Try not to get any on ya.