Game Theory: NBA Trade Deadline Special

Sam Vecenie and Matt Moore discuss the NBA Trade Deadline.


Both Sam Vecenie and Matt Moore discuss the NBA trade deadline as it approaches on Thursday and the possible moves that could take place, and teams that should make moves.

Also discuss the play of the Cleveland Cavaliers lately as they’ve been struggling recently. Can they possibly be fixed? Also, how real is Boston? Can they actually make the NBA Finals? Both discuss what the Celtics need to do to take that next level in becoming more legit in their hopes of winning an NBA championship for the first time since 2008 against the Lakers.

In this episode, Matt Moore of The Action Network joins to chat about the upcoming NBA Trade Deadline. First, we chat about Marcus Smart, the Celtics, and if the Denver Nuggets actually make sense for him. Then, they chat a bit more about Denver, where Denver sits within the scheme of things as they try to make the playoffs.

Then, we chat generally about the Eastern Conference. How screwed are the Cavs? What do we think about Toronto right now (a lot of love)? Can Boston make the run to the NBA Finals, and what do they need to pick up in the trade market? Then we really get into the nitty gritty, and try to fix the Cavs. Is there an answer to their ills that gives them a chance in the Finals this year? Then in that conversation, we hit a truth: the Cavs should seriously consider trading LeBron. In that vein, we come up with some fake trades with Minnesota, Milwaukee, the Clippers, and more.

Finally: they chat about some news and notes: should the Blazers move Maurice Harkless? What do we think about Willy Hernangomez’ trade demand? Finally, do we like the Tyler Zeller-Rashad Vaughn trade?

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