Why Do You Need Cheap Car Insurance in the USA?


For travelers who are staying in the United States for more than 8 weeks, buying a vehicle may make more sense than renting one. However, buying – and later selling – offers significantly larger and less predictable risks than would be the case with a rental vehicle.


  • Insurance


The amount of insurance in the US depends primarily on how long you’ve had your US driver’s license. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already registered a car. Also relevant: driving history (parking tickets increase the contributions), car, residential area, equipment of the car (totally idiotic – even if you only want a vehicle liability and no insurance, the contributions increase if, for example, the car has no immobilizer and no alarm system.), Garage / own parking lot, amount of own additional payment and of course the amount of coverage. For example, the minimum coverage for Florida car liability is $ 10,000. If you build an accident that causes higher costs, you have to pay the discrepancy out of your pocket. Because most poorer people only have the minimum insurance here, you have to “additionally” take out an “Uninsured Motorist” insurance that covers the costs you incur if an underinsured driver causes an accident with us and not the costs can pay. This in turn increases your contributions by 30 to 50%.

There are big differences in societies and what is impossible in one may go in another. Efforts are also underway to make European insurance inquiries. However, some insurance companies explicitly insure foreigners. Just be prepared to pay more. But comparing is always worthwhile. The differences can be a few hundred dollars!

The “Progressive” insurance is one of the big ones that also insures foreigners. There are, of course, others.

You save with a US driver’s license. The longer you have it, the better. Otherwise, if you don’t have it, take your home and international driver’s license: it will give you a neutral status, i.e. you know you have one, but looks at you like someone who is a beginner (purely from an insurance perspective).


  • Costs


To give you a rough guide of how cheap car insurance would play off for you:

  • For the license plate with possibly emissions test, mandatory inspection and tax between $ 40 and $ 200 per year (depending on the state). Not all states have emissions testing, tax, and inspection.
  • Insurance probably starting at $ 800 per half year if there is no insurance history.


  • Conclusion


You can also insure as a foreigner, but this is expensive and often high advance payments are due. A local driver’s license helps, but factors such as credit rating also play a role in the United States, which leads to high rates among foreigners. Not all brokers offer all types of insurance. Always take your passport with you (dealer, insurance, registration) – you will be asked for it. Go to different insurance brokers – a corner of the street can be 50% cheaper!