NESN Makes Great Decision in Signing Dennis Eckersley To A 5-Year Deal

Denis Eckersley has become a Red Sox fan favorite in the broadcast booth. And it looks like he's here to stay.


The NESN Red Sox television broadcast just solidified that hall of fame pitcher, Dennis Eckersley, will be on the call for more games than ever before starting this season. Eck announced yesterday on his Twitter that he has signed a 5-year deal with NESN which includes an expanded role, guaranteeing that Red Sox fans will be hearing Eck’s voice through their TVs for years to come.

Eck has been a fan favorite on the broadcasting team for years and last season, NESN tried out a new three-man booth concept and apparently it was well received. The booth included play by play voice, Dave O’Brien, the legendary Jerry Remy and of course, Dennis Eckersley.

NESN announced that this three-man juggernaut of a team will be together for 30 games this season which honestly, just doesn’t seem like enough.

And according to Jason Mastrodonato in this tweet above, former Red Sox alums Carlos Pena and Jarrod Saltalamacchia will also be worked into the rotation through the season giving fans a little fresh take on things.

As reported above, Eck will be in the rotation for 85 games this season and having his charisma, and pretty much lack of a filter, for a little over half of the season is going to turn this Red Sox broadcast into something a lot of fans will love.

Not everybody loves Eck and how he handles his broadcasts, but in a world where things are changing constantly, baseball needs to catch up. If there’s one thing in this world that refuses to adapt to 2019, it’s almost everything about baseball.

The broadcasts have been the same year in and year out. Bringing in somebody like Dennis Eckersley more often is something that will keep fans more locked in while they listen for the next, absurd line he’s about to spew.

Quite frankly, baseball cannot and will not survive unless they start adapting. The world is too fast-paced at this point to just continue with the same style of broadcasting that they’ve always lived on. And don’t get me wrong, if any old school broadcast works, it’s the combination of Dave O’Brien and Jerry Remy. They’re both supremely talented in their positions so Red Sox fans should consider themselves lucky for having this team over the years. Believe me, I’ve heard other teams’ broadcasts before and they put me to sleep faster than any amount of Melatonin could.

Dennis Eckersley is a broadcasting gem that needs to be showcased more. I personally would love to have Eck, Remy, and O’Brien together for every game but for certain reasons, that can’t happen.

NESN is making an incredible decision here in investing more on Eck. I know very few people who dislike his broadcasting style, and they’re the same type of people who think instant replay doesn’t belong in the game. Give me more fire. Give me more passion. There may never be a more memorable quote out of a Red Sox booth than Eck’s, “It’s time to party!” during last season’s Mookie Betts 13-pitch grand slam against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The first three-man booth broadcast will be taking place during the Red Sox home opener on April 9th against the Toronto Blue Jays per Matt McCarthy of 98.5 The Sports Hub.

NESN made a phenomenal decision in making Eck a larger part of the broadcast, and I would bet that it assists in enhancing ratings through 2019 as well.

You can read the full NESN announcement here.