New Odds on Potential NBA Free Agent Destinations Including Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler & Klay Thompson

Kevin Durant & Anthony Davis could be on the move according to the latest odds from


While Celtics fans are most concerned with where Kyrie Irving will play basketball next season, there are several other top tier free agents on the market this offseason who are also looking for homes.

Bad news for Celtics fans, none of them are expected to land in Boston according the online betting site

Let’s start with the biggest fish of all, Kevin Durant. Right now the Knicks appear to be the favorites (they are also favored to land Kyrie Irving) followed by the Clippers and Warriors.

Kevin Durant

New York Knicks 6/5
LA Clippers 17/10
Golden State Warriors 2/1
LA Lakers 6/1
Brooklyn Nets 6/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 40/1

Getting to the NBA Finals has made the Toronto Raptors favorites to retain the services of Kawhi Leonard, followed by the Clippers and Lakers.

Kawhi Leonard

Toronto Raptors 2/3
LA Clippers 3/2
LA Lakers 4/1
Brooklyn Nets 6/1
New York Knicks 10/1

The Philadelphia 76ers are considered the favorites to keep Jimmy Butler, whom they traded for during the season. The Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers and Clippers also in the picture.

Jimmy Butler

Philadelphia 76ers 1/2
New York Knicks 6/1
Brooklyn Nets 8/1
LA Lakers 8/1
LA Clippers 8/1
Houston Rockets 9/1
Chicago Bulls 10/1
Miami Heat 12/1

Klay Thompson strongly expected to return to the Golden State Warriors. Part of that probably due to the fact that Kevin Durant will likely leave.

Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors 1/5
Brooklyn Nets 3/1
Dallas Mavericks 6/1
LA Lakers 6/1
Sacramento Kings 8/1
Utah Jazz 10/1
Indiana Pacers 12/1
Memphis Grizzlies 14/1
Atlanta Hawks 16/1

Both Kemba Walker and DeAngelo Russell expected to stay with their current teams, the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets respectively.

Kemba Walker

Charlotte Hornets 1/1
LA Lakers 3/2
New York Knicks 4/1
Dallas Mavericks 4/1
LA Clippers 10/1
Chicago Bulls 14/1

D’Angelo Russell

Brooklyn Nets 1/4
Dallas Mavericks 3/1
New York Knicks 4/1
Chicago Bulls 10/1
LA Clippers 12/1

And even though he’s not a free agent, put out revised odds on Anthony Davis’ landing spot next season. The Lakers still considered the favorite with the Celtics and not the Pelicans also strongly in the mix. The Pelicans put themselves back in play when they won the NBA Draft Lottery and a shot at Zion Williamson.

Anthony Davis

LA Lakers 1/1
Boston Celtics 2/1
New Orleans Pelicans 2/1
New York Knicks 4/1