Obama White House Correspondent Critical of CNN’s Coverage of Donald Trump

Former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian has some thoughts on his former outlet's coverage of the President.


President Donald Trump has stoked the ire of many media members over his first year-plus in the Oval Office, prompting responses of all different kinds. But there are times when members of the media go a little too far with their opinions and stray too far from the actual news.

Former CNN White House correspondent under President Obama Dan Lothian called out his former colleague in the latest episode of “Behind the Media” in which Cooper puts a little too much of his own opinions into a news piece about Trump.

In setting up an interview with Montana senator Jon Tester during a show segment called, “Keeping Them Honest,” Cooper played multiple soundbytes of President Trump saying that he “would only hire the best people” for White House staff positions. Cooper then asked, “if the President only hires the best people, then why aren’t they still on the job?”

While Lothian notes that this is a news story in some ways, Cooper’s approach can open the doors for some to say he is being biased in his reporting.

“Is he going to far?” Lothian asked on his latest podcast. “It feels a little bit like it might be bias. It’s not straight reporting, it’s ‘I have an agenda.'”

“He’s a respected journalist, and if you agree with his position then this is okay,” Lothian added. “But it’s just more fodder, I think, for conservatives to say ‘look, this is what the liberal media are all about.'”

Lothian went on to say that reporters would do well to keep in mind the potential biases that could arise when reporting a news story and to always pay special attention to how you frame an issue.

“It’s how you frame it,” he said. “And the attitude you have with that framing can make people point the finger at you and say you’re biased.”