Patriots Mailbag ‘The Barth Bag’ Week 10

Welcome to a bye week edition of The Barth Bag


Welcome to a bye week edition of The Barth Bag. What happens when a team picks up its first loss of the season and then has to sit on it for two weeks? Everybody starts to question reality. With a big-picture focus, let’s get to this week’s questions…

Wynn’s return will be a huge boost to both the ground game and the passing game. If you can look past his inability to stay on the field, Wynn has been a solid left tackle in limited time. If he can stay healthy for the rest of 2019, it will revolutionize the whole offense.

If you remember back to April, the consensus was that there were two NFL ready potential studs in the draft in TJ Hockenson and Noah Fant. After that, the rest of the group looked like a bunch of projects. I think they wanted a chance to draft an immediate impact player, but didn’t have a shot at Hockenson (who went 8th overall) or Fant (20th). Instead of bringing in another project tight end, they got creative and drafted a player in N’Keal Harry who was NFL ready and could be viewed as a WR/TE hybrid. Now obviously Harry got hurt and that hasn’t worked out, but at the time it seemed like a strong strategy.

So I’m one of those people who like to emphasize the V (valuable) in MVP. With that being the case, I have to go with Gilmore. The reason they’ve been able to be so creative with their blitz packages and coverage schemes is knowing Gilmore is going to take away the other team’s top option each and every game. The other 10 guys on the field can’t do what they’re doing if not for Gilmore. If you want to talk about best, I’d say either Jamie Collins or Kyle Van Noy. Both have been not only outstanding, but multi-dimensional as well. And I don’t need to tell any of you how important versatility is in Bill Belichick’s defense.

Bentley has been good…when he is on the field. So far this season, he was played 33.82% of the Patriots defensive snaps. I wouldn’t say his reduced role is do to lack of trying though. It is more a result of the emergence of Jamie Collins. There are only so many linebacker snaps to go around, and Bentley has been the odd man out. Look for him to have a bigger role next season.

The Eagles are a decent team, but I expect the Patriots to roll them next week. They are coming off a bye, coming off a loss, and it’s a Super Bowl revenge game. I expect the Pats to play their best game of the year so far in Philly.

This is my favorite question so far this year. You can never go wrong with fish in New England. Imagine being from Nebraska or Iowa and thinking Red Lobster is the hight of seafood delicacy. Not me, not ever.