Patriots Mailbag ‘The Barth Bag’ Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of The Barth Bag!


Welcome to Week 7 of The Barth Bag! Since there’s been no game since the last edition (I put it up after the Patriots win over the Giants), it’s not surprising to see more big picture questions. I also got some more outside-the-box non-football questions, so this should be a fun week. However, lets start with a topic most of you were interested in, trades…

Honestly, I don’t. We’re going to talk a lot over the next week or so about what moves make sense for the Patriots at the deadline, but I think what makes the most sense is not doing anything. The Patriots are rarely active in the trade market this time of year, and given their strong start I don’t think 2019 will be an exception

With what I stated above being said, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun exploring the hypotheticals. In this case for me, give me OJ Howard. He’s younger, cheaper, has an extra year of team control, and can do more to help the team. While Sanders is certainly a receiving threat, Howard would help in the pass game as well, plus his strong blocking ability could jump-start the run game. Sanders is certainly the flashier name, but Howard is a more well rounded choice who also helps them down the road, not just in the immediate future. And we all know how Bill Belichick values that.

Serviceable fullback, solely on availability. Any good wide receiver is currently on an NFL roster, and they’d have to give up something to get one. However, there are still decent fullbacks available in free agency. I’m a little surprised they didn’t work Aaron Ripkowski out following Jakob Johnson’s injury, although he’s been in New England before. Another guy I like is George Aston, who the Patriots did work out last week. A rookie out of Pitt, he blocked for multiple 1,000 yard rushers in three years as a starter, and proved to be a viable receiving option as well.

I think there’s a better chance of him being traded, simply because the Patriots can’t really afford the cap hit it would cost to release him. He may have some value to a contender as well, given he is under contract through 2020. However, I think the team will aim to keep him as a weapon during the stretch run. Getting him to accept a limited role is easier said than done, but Bill Belichick has accomplished harder.

Great question. I’m still weighing my options but I think I’ve got it down to LA and Seattle. The Los Angeles Wildcats drafted my favorite player from the AAF, WR Mekale McKay, and they have Luis Perez at QB, who quarterbacked my favorite AAF team, the Birmingham Iron. However, I’ve always sort of hated LA sports teams, so it’s a tough sell. As for Seattle, they have a number of former Patriots, but Dragons is just a really dumb name. We’ll see what happens when the uniforms are released.

Jimmy Johnson’s. Evan has fought and lost a number of battles with the wind since I’ve been working with him.

That’ll do it for this week’s edition of The Barth Bag. Next week we actually get to look ahead to the Patriots facing real opponents. Until then though, make sure to follow @PatriotsCLNS on Twitter for up-to-date Patriots news, and keep the questions coming to me @RealAlexBarth.