Patriots Mailbag ‘The Barth Bag’ Week 4

Even after Tom Brady's second consecutive 300+ yard game in three weeks, a lot of you still have questions about the Patriots wide receivers


Welcome to Week 4 of The Barth Bag. Even after Tom Brady’s second consecutive 300+ yard game in three weeks, a lot of you still have questions about the Patriots wide receivers. We’ll cover those, some trade talk, and more! Let’s get started…

He’s dropped just one ball on 20 targets so far this season. Relax Gina.

The Patriots regularly work out a number of players during the season so they’re familiar with the free agency pool if they need somebody for an emergency. I don’t think they’d bring in someone with zero experience in the offense at this point in the season to save them an IR return spot. I also wouldn’t characterize the Pats IR as ‘loaded’ right now. Neck injuries can be very serious, and with a replacement like Johnson, I’m not sure that Develin is a serious candidate to return. I still think its Harry and Wynn who come back. Remember, David Andrews isn’t eligible to return, and Cameron Meredith is on PUP, so bringing him back wouldn’t count against the IR return limit.

I love Stefon Diggs as a player. I actually think he’s one of the more underrated guys in the league, if you can believe that. That being said, I think what it would take to get him is way more than what is worth giving up for the Patriots. Here you have a guy who’s 25 years old, and has four more years of team control after this one at a max cap hit of $15 million. Terrific player, but the Patriots rarely make those kind of blockbuster trades, especially mid-season.

Generating cap isn’t going to be that easy. Not sure the Patriots would trade Bennett, who has been getting the job done in his role and is a valuable veteran presence who’s role will probably grow as the season goes on. I think that if they were going to trade for Trent Williams, they would have done it already. I wouldn’t expect much on that front.

Very good question Rickey. I was surprised we didn’t see Jakob Johnson in last week’s game until the kneel downs. He knows the offense, and the coaches have raved about the work he’s put in since camp. It may be a process easing him in, in which case yes, we could see less fullback formations for the next few games. I wouldn’t expect it to be permanent though, because running from that formation is crucial to the team’s success. They should have Johnson 100% good to go by the playoffs.

Kessler could be here to stay for a bit. When asked about his newest signing on Friday, Bill Belichick was quick to refer to Kessler’s “experience”, despite the fact he’s only been in the league three years. That “experience” could be referring to the fact that Kessler has played in three different offensive systems, something that would be valuable in a scout team quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kessler is here to fill Hoyer’s shoes as the scout team QB while Jarrett Stidham continues his adjustment to the NFL.

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