Patriots, NFL Reacts To Tom Brady Leaving New England

Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots elicited quite the reaction


Sports games may all be postponed, but that didn’t stop the greatest quarterback of all time from announcing the news we’d all been waiting for.

Tom Brady announced via Twitter Tuesday morning he wouldn’t be returning to the New England Patriots. His next team is unknown at this point.

Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick were quick to issue heartfelt statements. Obviously Patriots fans were quick to jump to Twitter to express their feelings, and sadness, regarding their hero finally taking off the Patriots red, white and blue.

But those weren’t the only reactions.

Julian Edelman took to Instagram to post a set of pictures of him and Brady with the caption “Family.”.


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There were also quite a few reactions from former and current Patriots players on Tom Brady’s two Instagram posts.


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“Don’t worry about anything but you and your family boss!” Patrick Chung commented. “It’s been a pleasure man. Thank you for being you. Not even the QB but just the man you are. You’re wife and kids have a amazing person to call their father and husband. Until we meet again boss!”

Jarret Stidham, Brady’s potential successor, weighed in as well.

“Love you brother!” he commented. “Thank you for everything!”

“Legend…it was an honor,” Jakobi Meyers said.

Randy Moss commented the heart emoji.

Robert Ninkovich commented “Perfectly said Tom!!! You’re the best!!!!!”.

“It was an honor & privilege to even sit next to you big homie,” Josh Gordon commented. “Thank you for everything.”

“The journey continues my brudda,” Demaryius Thomas said.

This news also didn’t stop the rest of the sports world from reacting as well to the Instagram posts. We’re talking about the greatest quarterback of all time after all.

“Blessings champ,” Kevin Durant replied. “Can’t wait to watch the next chapter.”

Antonio Brown, a potential future receiver of Brady’s, commented the goat emoji. Jayson Tatum replied with a goat and a praise God emoji. David Beckham commented a goat emoji and “the journey continues”.

One common thread among most of the reactions: the goat emoji.

“Spoken like a true & grateful leader,” Dwayne Johnson said. “Hate to see you leave, but support you wherever you go, brother.”

“Love you brotha,” Cody Kessler replied. “Thanks for everything over this past year! Wish nothing but the best for you and your family!”

And then of course, there was David Ortiz to weigh in.

“We will miss you on that field homie.”

Ironically enough, Brady’s first reply to anyone regarding his news was to Scott Zolak.

Darrelle Revis, who spent only one year on the Patriots, had this to say.

There’s sure to be a lot more reaction from around the world as this news develops and Brady announces where he will continue playing football.