Paul Pierce Says He Had Better Career Than Dwyane Wade; Internet Strenuously Objects

Paul Pierce thinks he would have won more titles than Dwyane Wade if their roles were reversed.


Paul Pierce and humility are not often words you hear in the same sentence.

On Friday night on ESPN’s NBA Countdown the Celtics legend and ESPN commentator was asked who had the better career between himself and Dwyane Wade, who will officially retire at the end of the season.


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Pierce, says not contest. He did of course. Pierce believes that is like Wade, he had played alongside Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James, he would’ve finished his career with substantially more titles than Wade.

“If I was 24 years old, you give me Shaq, when I’m 24-25, you give me LeBron and Bosh, I’d be sitting on five or six championships, easy.”

Twitter did not respond well to Pierce’s proclamation.

While everyone has jokes, the comparison is closer than you think.

Wade has won three NBA championships—one with O’Neal and two with James—while Pierce has just the one title back in 2008 during the Boston Celtics “Big Three” era with him, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Wade has averaged 22 points per game since 2003. Pierce averaged 19.7 points over his 19-year career. Wade is a 13-time All-Star while Pierce was named as an All-Star 10 times

Close. And if you held a poll locally, Pierce may get the votes. But nationally, this is a hard sell.

Sorry Paul.

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