How To Pick a Realtor And Best Avoid Pitfalls Like Double-Ended Deals


Ready to start the journey of purchasing your new home? You might have heard about terrible realtors and friends who have ended up with double-ended deals, and now you’re racking your brain, worried you’d fall into the same trap.

How about we take that completely out of the equation by guiding you on how to pick a good realtor who will work in your best interest?

Choosing An Efficient/Trust-Worthy Real Estate Agent

You don’t need a lie detector to pick up signals that a potential agent is dubious or is working against your best interests. You can find the best local real estate agents with a couple of smart inquiries and steps.

Compare At Least Three Realtors

Buying a house is arguably one of the biggest transactions of your life. Why should you hurry in deciding which realtor to hire? If you don’t find out about all your different options, you’ll more likely than not be stuck with a lousy agent. The best bet for you is to compare at least three realtors and choose the one that has the most experience and you’re most comfortable with.

Socially Obliged to Hire Someone? Don’t Do It!

Knowing someone as a friend is not enough reason to hire them as your realtor. While this might sound harsh, it is super honest and true.

“But Agent X is my good friend, we’ve spent close to 10 Thanksgiving dinners together!” This is perhaps the most important reason to steer clear of him/her as your potential real estate agent, as the lines of friendship and business would be completely blurred in such an engagement. Hiring an agent on the basis of a social obligation is one of the fastest ways to get your fingers burnt.

Location, Location, Location

The prior experience of your realtor is a very important tool in accessing if they’ll be able to help you close on an eye-popping piece of property. Does your potential realtor know your desired neighborhood well? Have they worked on homes in that area? It’s important to know this so you don’t get shortchanged.  

You Need Your Own Agent 

As a rule, you need to have your own agent when buying a house. Also, completely avoid the temptation to have the seller agent as your own agent (there’s a clear conflict of interest here!). Your agent will be responsible for ensuring that your down payment, home appraisal, and home inspection go smoothly without any hiccups or hidden fees and conditions.  This way, you’ll be able to avoid double-ended deals.

Making Your Choice 

With these four tips in mind, you will be able to choose a realtor that would provide you with professional service and keep your best interest in mind. The days of double-ended deals are over for you, and it’s time to go buy a home!