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    006: Bryan Broaddus | Déjà vu and The Move That Put the Cowboys Over the Top (podcast)

    Bryan Broaddus with Dallascowboys.com. Stephen Jones has been planning this all along.


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    Bryan Broaddus is a former Dallas Cowboys Scout and writer and podcaster for Dallascowboys.com. Twitter: @BryanBroaddus

    1:55 The Cowboys are in a similar situation now as they were in 1991.

    3:02 Stephen Jones and The Dallas Cowboys have been planning this all offseason.

    6:03 The Cowboys have actually played this perfectly.

    11:10 Bryan Broaddus from dallascowboys.com joins the Cowboys Beat.

    12:08 Bryan Broaddus on Cowboys best offseason move.

    15:45 Bryan Broaddus on most impressive rookie in offseason work.

    18:57 Bryan Broaddus on someone Cowboys fans don’t know yet, but will.

    24:23 Breaking down the 2018-19 Cowboys linebacking corps.

    26:12 The areas they got better at linebacker.


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