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    087: The Time is Now for Jamal Adams


    087: The Time is Now for Jamal Adams

    Plus, Brianna Dix on the Cowboys Offseason and Optimism

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    On this week’s episode Ari Temkin and Patrick Conn on the latest rounds of rumors surrounding Jets SS Jamal Adams and will the Cowboys actually make a move to bring in the All-Pro safety.

    2:10 Why Ari nearly lost his mind.

    4:23 Has Patrick ordered his Jamal Adams Cowboys jersey yet?

    4:37 The latest on the Jamal Adams story and the Jets and where the two sides stand on contract negotiations. 

    8:40 Why Jamal Adams is different than Earl Thomas and why this is a much different situation.

    11:45 What would you trade for Jamal Adams if you were running the Cowboys?

    14:05 Will the Cowboys sign him to an extension if they trade for Jamal Adams?

    17:00 Brianna Dix, who covers the Cowboys for D210 Sports. 

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