Bruins Beat

    136: Marc Savard | Was the Winter Classic a success? | Who will the Bruins target at the Trade Deadline?

    Marc Savard had some pretty interesting information on possible Bruins targets at the Trade Deadline


    Former Boston Bruins center Marc Savard joins Jimmy Murphy on this week’s Bruins Beat. Twitter: @MSavvy91


    1:00 – What has Savvy been doing these days?

    4:00 – Savvy gives his take on the 2019 Winter Classic

    7:45 – Savvy doesn’t understand why Dallas Stars ownership went at Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn

    9:30 – What’s up with Seguin?

    13:00 – Savvy thinks the Bruins could make a huge move

    15:45 – Savvy thinks Tuukka Rask needs a push

    17:30 – Could the Bruins make a run at Artemi Panarin?