#14: Projecting the best shooters of the 3-pt era


    Which 2019 rookies will become great shooters? Can we predict who will be a great shooter based on the beginning of their career and the years before they entered the NBA? What are the statistical patterns of the greatest shooters of the 3-point era? In this episode I explore some of the best shooters ever and their shooting profiles along with forecasting the best shooters of this year’s rookies. Support at www.patreon.com/thinkingbasketball

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    Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor is the author of Thinking Basketball and the creator of the Thinking Basketball podcast and YouTube channel. He is also a contributor at Nylon Calculus, and his work in analytics and historical statistics has been featured on basketball-reference.com. His historical profiles on the careers of the league's top players, "The Backpicks Top 40," can be found on his website www.backpicks.com. In his work, Ben incorporates his background as a behavioral scientist and longtime qualitative and quantitative researcher in User Experience.