Bruins Beat

    143: Andrew Raycroft | Love for Patrice Bergeron | Previewing the Trade Deadline

    Andrew Raycroft joins Jimmy Murphy on this week's Bruins Beat


    Andrew Raycroft was a goaltender in the NHL for 12 years — six of which were spent with the Boston Bruins. He is now a Bruins analyst on NESN. Twitter: @AndrewRaycroft


    3:30 – Raycroft and Patrice Bergeron were the first people on the Zakim Bridge

    6:00 – Things are much different around the Garden nowadays

    10:45 – Raycroft almost played for the Bruins this season

    14:15 – Raycroft and Tuukka Rask are great friends even though they were traded for each other

    17:00 – Rask defenders unite!

    20:00 – Bruins Beat Inbox

    21:00 – Who’s a good, non-rental for the Bruins to grab?

    24:00 – Potential Bruins on the Los Angeles Kings?

    29:00 – What would get Artemi Panarin on the Bruins?

    34:00 – Is Don Sweeney in trouble if he botches the deadline?