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    2019 Is Most Important for Brad Stevens

    Boston's young coach must right ship


    Brad Stevens takes most of the blame for the way last season went for the Boston Celtics, even though some would say that’s unfair. It’s hard to coach a team that doesn’t gel together. Part of being a “team” is playing FOR each other and it’s not a stretch to say that Boston didn’t consistently do that last year.

    We know about some of the dysfunction. We’ve heard about some of the rumblings. And yes some of that is on the head coach.

    However, the coach is not solely responsible for the chemistry of the entire team. Bonding with each other on the floor happens naturally. This past Celtics team failed in that regard.

    It is funny to me is that people assign a significant amount of blame to Stevens for the Celtics chemistry problems last season. Brad’s teams are notorious for how well they gel on the floor. They might have the most talent in the league but they play for each other and they play hard doing it. Those are the staples of a Steven’s coach squad, all the way back to his time at Butler.

    But on this week’s episode of Celtics Beat, Adam Kaufman and CLNS’s own Scott Souza discuss how important this year is for Boston’s mastermind of the clipboard.

    If not Stevens then who?

    My argument for “Who needs to rebound in 2019” is one of Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum. When you are selected third overall in the draft the expectation for you is to be a pillar of a team that contends for a long time. One of these two, if not both, has to take a big step forward this year for Boston to remain on the path to banner 18.

    Tatum has the much higher ceiling so it’s easy to pick his as the primary rebound candidate. Without Tatum’s progression Boston’s future doesn’t look nearly as bright.

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