2019 NBA Draft Primer with Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo

    Most overrated? Most underrated? What to do at #4?


    The NBA Draft is this Thursday and to be frank I’m really excited for the mystery surrounding this one. Normally there’s some hierarchy to the draft. Last year the top-tier was pretty full in my opinion (with the exception of Luka Doncic). Luka, Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson Jr, Trae Young all shined last year. All of them were highly touted.

    This year feels like the complete opposite. There is one guy, Zion, who is a sure-thing. Everything else after that is a massive question mark. And because of that Jeff Goodman brought in Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo to help answer some of these questions.

    What Should the Pelicans do at 4?

    Well this is even if the Pelicans even pick fourth overall. Rumor has it that New Orleans might move off this pick completely. So really it’s more about who the hell is even picking at this spot.

    If the Pelicans stay here I highly doubt they take a guard. They have Jrue Holliday, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart. Unless they love Darius Garland or Coby White I would assume a wing goes here. The two favorites: Jarrett Culver or Deandre Hunter. My guess is Hunter here because he’s a slightly better shooter and more versatile on the defensive end. Goodman had similar thoughts in his latest mock.

    At the end of the day I think it comes down to three people: Garland, Culver, and Hunter. Just watch out for potential trades.

    What to do About Bol Bol 

    Bol Bol is the biggest enigma in the draft. Is he too skinny? What about his health? Does he even love basketball? Those aren’t things you love to hear when you’re looking to draft anyone. There’s no denying that Bol has obvious skills, but at what point does a guy with these issues become too risky?

    However, let’s say you have multiple picks in this draft. Maybe taking a flier on a 7’2″ big man that can handle a basketball and shoot from the outside is a good idea. A team that has good veterans on it to teach him how to be a professional is also a plus. Anyone know a team that has these credentials?

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    3:35 AD trade analysis

    9:57 Who to take at #4?

    14:20 What to do about Cam Reddish

    24:15 Most underrated?

    36:42 Most overhyped?