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    21 SAVAGE GARDEN or DUN DUN DUNN (Wrestling Soup 3/1/18)

    21 SAVAGE GARDEN or DUN DUN DUNN (Wrestling Soup 3/1/18)WS talk about Sunny’s most recent run-in with the law, Wrestlemania, and Kevin Dunn.


    Mish and Joey talk about Sunny’s most recent run-in with the law, Wrestlemania, and Kevin Dunn. Make sure to visit the website wrestlingsoup.com to leave them a voicemail. Don’t forget to vote for the 2016 -2017 Soupies https://t.co/kII5UBbT3h?amp=1

    Mish and Joey start out the show with a big confusion about 21 Savage, 21 Pilots, and Savage Garden (0:53). Joey is back after his recent battle with Fifths Disease. What is the worst you ever felt? Any sort of colorful fluids come out of you?

    Multiple DUI’s for Sunny immediately following rehab

    Our favorite cam-girl is back in the news (12:20). Tamyra “Sunny” Sytch was taken into custody by New Jersey correctional officers and was charged with contempt, disobedience, and resistance. Let us play a game. Who has the longest rap-sheet? Forward your findings to @wrestlingsoup on twitter. Big shout out to Katpool who does a show before Wrestling Soup follow him on youtube https://goo.gl/wCXcCy .

    The boys find a list of the top ten biggest offenders (18:00). #10 Black Ninja (NOT Great Muta) pedophilia #9 Dick Sleighter, attempted murder #8 Kerry Von Erich, possession of a controlled substance #7 Michael Von Erich, possession of a controlled substance #6 Lex Luger, nuff said #5 Jose Gonzalez, murder #4 Hardbody Harrison, kept eight women locked up and kept them as sex slaves #3 Andre Heart, had sex with someone despite the fact he was HIV positive #2 Johnny K9, blew up a police station #1 Douglas Witton, murder.

    Jonathan Coachman jammed his foot in his mouth questioning fans (42:10). He is amazed at the venom shot at Roman Reigns and can’t understand Why. What did you think of Roman Reigns promo on the most recent on this week’s episode of RAW? Or is this just recycled garbage That WWE reused for Cena V Reigns and Cena V Brock? Who’s win meant more over The Undertaker Roman or Brock? Has Vince McMahon hired Vince Russo again(62:44). They haven’t openly done it, but it seems like all WWE is trying to do on a consistent basis is swerve the fans. Mish plays an old clip of Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar (64:30).

    Mark Henry and Joe Rogan beef (76:50). Mark Henry recently appeared on an episode of Busted Open Radio. Mark Henry says Rogan has disrespected the wrestling industry and the wrestling fans…if Mish remembers to unmute the audio. Did Joe Rogan go too far? IS Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s splash ridiculous? Former WWE writer did an interview with Alex Greenfield talked about working with Kevin Dunn (92:09).

    The rumor mill churns about FOX wanting WWE programming

    Joey lays out a challenge for all Wrestling Soup listeners (109:13). Sports Illustrated reports two FOX sports representatives were at ringside for Smackdown Live this past Tuesday (119:30). It is rumored WWE is being offered an unknown amount. FOX may be looking to make WWE RAW a two-hour show again. Is this a good or bad idea? The possibility of the brands being shaken up after Wrestlemania (123:50)

    Who would you put on each show? The NEW name for the Sunday show is … and still no one knows (141:00). I am voting for Tall, Bald, and Loud. TNA dn Lucha Underground will be3 holding a show at WrestleCon (147:14). Jim Ross will be there as well as Stone Cold.

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