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    247: Mike Giardi | Why Is Tom Brady Skipping OTAs? | Rob Gronkowski Seeking a New Contract | Powered by CLNS Media

    NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi joins Patriots Beat to discuss Tom Brady's absence, Rob Gronkowski's contract and much more.


    Trags welcomes back NBC Sports Boston’s Mike Giardi to delve into the continuing drama of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

    The two Mikes discuss why Tom Brady is skipping OTAs this year, Rob Gronkowski’s desire for a new contract and what to expect from the Patriots’ 2018 draft class.

    1:00 – Mike Giardi of NBC Sports Boston

    2:00 – What is the reason for Tom Brady skipping OTAs?

    14:30 – Rob Gronkowski’s contract situation

    22:00 – What to expect from this year’s Patriots draft class


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