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    274: Premier League Matchday 15 Review

    Premier League Matchday 15 Review.Tum, Huss, Al, and Snacks discuss the hectic race between Man City and Liverpool and more...


    Premier League Matchday 15 Review

    Tum, Huss, Al, and Snacks discuss the hectic race between City and Liverpool after Chelsea take down City. Is Lukaku world class or not? Is Pogba a virus? Arsenal continue their undefeated streak, Spurs stay consistent, and quick touches on all the other games midweek and weekend.

    Chelsea 2-0 Man City

    Bournemouth 0-4 Liverpool

    Leicester 0-2 Spurs

    Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield

    Man United 4-1 Fulham


    Burnley 1-0 Brighton

    Cardiff 1-0 Southampton

    West Ham 3-2 Palace

    Newcastle 1-2 Wolves

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