Mike Meltser Podcast

    37 – MLB Hammers Astros, Luhnow and Hinch Fired


    Mike reacts to Major League Baseball’s massive punishments of the Astros for the sign-stealing scandal. (2:32) A simple explanation of the rules that the Astros were found to have broken, (7:28) why Mike thinks the suspensions for Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch were fair, (9:10) the idea that the punishments were too lenient is bizarre, (16:51) why vacating the World Series was completely unrealistic, and (20:55) Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo had a harsh, but valid critique of the Astros players. 

    (28:32) Houston-based sportswriter and sports discipline expert Steph Stradley joins Mike to discuss whether punishment was fair, her thoughts on MLB’s investigative report, Jim Crane’s decision to fire Luhnow and Hinch, and how Astros fans should think about the last few years moving forward.