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    3x World Series Manager Bruce Bochy Joins TK (podcast)

    San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy joins the TK Show on CLNS...


    San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy has won three World Series titles since 2010. Now he joins the TK Show.

    Bruce Bochy is one of the best manager’s in baseball. After a disappointing 2017 season the Giants will look to right the ship in 2018. They wanted to begin the show with a remembrance of Kevin Towers, an MLB executive who recently passed away. Bruce said he was terrific guy who was beloved throughout the league.

    On a brighter note, Bruce did become a grandfather recently and he is very excited!

    Moving forward to baseball related topics, Bochy is thrilled with how the offseason went.  The Giants went out and got some proven bats with Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria. That will definitely give them a deeper lineup, which was their problem last year. Bochy spoke on how they lacked power and that there will be lineup changes throughout the year.

    Later on, talks of a possible rebuild were brought up. Bochy was glad to hear different opinions but overall they felt they had a strong enough core to keep competing.  He would have made it work if they rebuilt because he’s open to challenges. Bochy still has that fire to manage and wants to win.  The NL West is very tough but the Giants still have a roster loaded with players in their prime. Furthermore Bochy explained that the Giants need to get their swagger back which will lead to better chemistry.

    In addition, Bochy was involved in a new book titled Bochy Ball that discusses the importance of chemistry. Plus, he reveals his favorite restaurants in the area!

    Full details available on this edition of the TK Show !

    Podcast Description:

    1:00 Kevin Towers, RIP

    3:35 Big moves this offseason

    8:10 Was a rebuild talked about?

    11:33 What’d Bochy learn about the team from last season

    14:25 Were there any thoughts on a retirement plan?

    17:00 Pace of play talk

    20:30 Bruce Bochy’s book

    33:25 Bruce’s favorite restaurants

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