4 White Hot Takes: 2018 US Mid-Term Elections… & Donald Trump

    How will Donald Trump fare against the unstoppable momentum of Progressive Democrats ?


    How will Donald Trump fare against the unstoppable momentum of Progressive Democrats ?


    1.) The Trump-wing of the GOP is still a major factor

    President Donald Trump and his (still) very fervent followers are having major impacts on various primary races across the nation.  While many political analysts and strategists have advised the Republican Party to break away from the alt-right, the Civil War within the GOP is still very much on-going.


    Well according to Emerson College pollster Prof. Spencer Kimball — the Trump endorsement is still very strong.  At least within Republican voting blocs.

    Whether for a general election: That certainly remains to be seen, but if one hopes to even get out of a GOP primary that has the eye of the President — then a Trump endorsement followed by the support of the President’s backers is becoming a requirement.

    2.) The progressives are on the prowl in the Democratic Party

    As stated above, while those very strategists believe it be necessary for the Republicans to shift away from Trump and more towards the center — the Democrats are finding huge success with candidates riding the mo’ from Berniemania 2016.

    Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all but a cinch to become the youngest congresswoman in history. Kara Eastman, who supports Medicare & College-for-all plans, may very well win in the uber-red state of Nebraska.  Ayanna Pressley seems poised to knock off longtime Congressman Mike Capuano in MA-07.  All while actress turned gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon remains a major factor in New York.

    One can even draw the conclusion that no single individual has done more for the ‘liberal agenda’ than…Donald Trump.

    3.) New Mexico and/or Idaho can elect the first ever Native American congresswoman.

    4.) All politics are STILL local

    There was a great feature in the New Yorker this past week on a recent book entitled The Increasingly United States.

    Written by Daniel J. Hopkins, the book’s thesis is that over the last half-century, American citizens are now focusing in on (just) Washington D.C. and national offices (President and Senators.)

    So, gone seemingly are the days where one is actively paying close attention to one’s state Governor, let alone Mayor, City Councillors or Town Selectmen and school committee members.

    However, as the 2018 mid-terms are showing — we’re definitely not quite there yet.  Because, quite frankly, the 2018 gubernatorial races are critical and there are quite a few that can change hands.

    As detailed last week, if the Democrats win the Governorship of Arizona, that could result in a two-for-one.  That would enable the party to pick up another Senate seat (Sen. John McCain health-pending.)

    And according to the latest from the most reliable polling agency in the nation — Emerson Polling — the Dems have a chance to sweep Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, Maine, New Mexico, Georgia (!), and Oklahoma (!!!)

    As former Tip O’Neill once said, all politics are local.  Dominating the state elections for 2018 could eventually lead to progressivism permeating its way through American communities over time.

    Impacting not just American elections for years to come, but the social fabric of the United States.

    Whether one considers that a good or bad thing is all contingent upon whose side one is on.

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