Mike Meltser Podcast

    40 – Why is Mike Bolsinger Suing the Astros? His Lawyer, Ben Meiselas, Explains


    This episode is a follow up to episode 39, which discussed former Blue Jays pitcher Mike Bolsinger’s lawsuit against the Astros. Bolsinger’s lawyer is well-known sports attorney Ben Meiselas, an advocate for player’s rights who is a partner at the Los Angeles firm Geragos and Geragos. 

    (3:05) Ben joined Mike Meltser to discuss the lawsuit. Among the topics discussed:

    • Why was the lawsuit filed?
    • Why does Ben feel that many of us can relate to Mike Bolsinger? 
    • How can Ben prove that one relief appearance at Minute Maid Park cost Mike Bolsinger his MLB career?
    • Why did he pick LA as the place to file the lawsuit? 
    • Why does Mike Bolsinger have any claim to the $31 million in bonuses that the Astros won during the 2017 playoffs? 
    • What are the next steps for this lawsuit? 

    (24:54) Mike finishes the episode by explaining that the biggest part of this lawsuit is the possibility of discovery, and why the Astros must avoid it at all costs. Mike also reacts to many of the arguments that Ben Meiselas made during the interview.