Mike Meltser Podcast

    45 – Hinch and Luhnow Suspensions, Astros Lawsuit, and NFLPA Fight


    This is a three-part episode of the Mike Meltser Podcast

    The first part of the podcast (2:01) is Mike’s discussion about the ESPN.com report that if no MLB season is played, the suspensions of AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow will be deemed to be fulfilled. Mike explains why this is absolutely right call by MLB.

    The second part of the podcast (9:57) is an update on the Mike Bolsinger lawsuit against the Astros, which was the focus of episodes 39 and 40. Mike catches up with Bolsinger’s attorney Ben Meiselas, and they discuss the Astros’ latest filings in the case. 

    The third part of the podcast (24:14) is about an interesting NFL story that has been in the news this week. Meiselas is the attorney for current NFL free agent safety Eric Reid. A few weeks ago, the NFLPA voted to approve a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will last for the next ten years.

    Meiselas wrote a letter to the NFLPA claiming that the union changed the language of the CBA that the players voted on, and the NFLPA responded with a strongly-worded letter. He discusses how he discovered the alleged discrepancy in language, what it means for current and former and NFL players, and gives his take on the new CBA as a whole.